Owner Challenges

Without oversight capabilities, Owners can't impact outcomes.

Unclear Expectations

Implementation process is often ill-defined, preventing alignment & collaboration

Misaligned Incentives

Contracts do not maximize & share AWP benefits for Owners & Contractors

Information Imbalance

Measuring the progress of AWP adoption is impossible for Owners without data

Difficult to Scale

Without a multi-phase plan across stakeholders, enterprise adoption will fail

The O3 Solution

Leveraging interactive web & mobile technology, O3 puts the control back into the hands of the Owner.

O3 is purpose-built to manage the configuration and implementation of AWP as a methodology.

risk heat map


  • Clearly define what right looks like for AWP on your project
  • Perform project AWP readiness assessments
  • Identify required changes to people, process, and technology based on target benefits
  • Evaluate risks, identify issues, and document decisions throughout AWP implementation

O3 helps you drive the behavior needed for AWP Success.


  • Make executing AWP best practices easier and more effective
  • Provide oversight of best practice adherence across stakeholders

O3 leverages simple data from multiple inputs to drive continual improvement


  • Define the criteria for measuring AWP success
  • Monitor the health of AWP implementation
  • Drive the feedback loop for improving your AWP program

O3 enables long-term planning for enterprise AWP adoption

Rose Diagram

  • Define what “AWP” means to your organization across projects and time
  • Benefit from built-in Best Practice guidelines based on thought-leading subject matter expertise
  • Leverage lessons learned from previous deployments with AWP-mature Owners

Why O3?

O3 helps owners to achieve paradigm shifting efficiency gains through implementation of proven best practices in WFP / AWP.


"O3 is institutionalizing best practices and lessons learned from thought-leading AWP owners and consultants to help drive AWP adoption throughout the capital asset industry."

Ted Blackmon, CEO



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About O3

Ownership | Oversight | Optimization

O3 helps Owners of industrial capital assets manage their Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) program by setting the conditions for success during implementation, facilitating best practice adherence during execution, constantly driving continuous improvement, and effectively scaling across the enterprise over time.

Maximizing the benefits of AWP requires adjusting the way Owners deliver projects - from concept through commissioning. O3 is a tool that helps Owners map out and facilitate the changes that are needed, observe and optimize those changes, and scale them across the enterprise.

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