The O3 Solution

Leveraging interactive web & mobile technology, O3 puts the control back into the hands of the Owner.

O3 is purpose-built to manage the configuration and implementation of AWP as a methodology.

risk heat map


  • Clearly define what right looks like for AWP on your project
  • Perform project AWP readiness assessments
  • Identify required changes to people, process, and technology based on target benefits
  • Evaluate risks, identify issues, and document decisions throughout AWP implementation

O3 helps you drive the behavior needed for AWP Success.


  • Make executing AWP best practices easier and more effective
  • Provide oversight of best practice adherence across stakeholders

O3 leverages simple data from multiple inputs to drive continual improvement


  • Define the criteria for measuring AWP success
  • Monitor the health of AWP implementation
  • Drive the feedback loop for improving your AWP program

O3 enables long-term planning for enterprise AWP adoption

Rose Diagram

  • Define what “AWP” means to your organization across projects and time
  • Benefit from built-in Best Practice guidelines based on thought-leading subject matter expertise
  • Leverage lessons learned from previous deployments with AWP-mature Owners