The O3 Solution

Leveraging interactive web & mobile technology, O3 puts the control back into the hands of the Owner.

In order to drive AWP Program success, Owners & EPC firms need to set clear expectations of the desired goals and objectives, standardize best practices across the enterprise, monitor the overall health of the AWP program, and hold stakeholders accountable for their performance. O3 Solution provides the oversight and accountability needed by providing real-time visibility into the overall AWP implementation. Each section below provides details on the key features within the O3 Solution.

O3 Solution - AWP Measurements

A measurement is a defined activity that has one or more factors that can be collected and reported to indicate performance.

For example, an Installation Work Package measurement would indicate how many IWPs were planned, how many were completed, how many were not completed because of constraints, and the number of IWPs that were blocked entirely.

O3 Solution - AWP ScoresBased on a predetermined goal, a score indicates the current performance against the goal, the performance trend over time, and an overall rating.

In this example, there is a total of 76 aged Engineering Work Packages, which is 3% under the target. The overall score is 9.3 (marked green to indicate the performance is on track with the goal). The score also indicates a positive trend of 5% over the duration of the project and a positive trend of 19% from week to week.

O3 solution - AWP scorecardsA scorecard is a collection of scores for multiple activities compiled specifically for a role within the AWP program.

In this example, an AWP Training Program Manager can check the performance the project as it relates to the overall training goals, such as number of total participants, how many have completed a specific course or multiple courses, and the overall adoption of AWP training across people, processes, and technology.

This oversight will inform the team lead of decisions that need to made, provide the ability to adjust tactics in areas that are falling behind, and enable those that are performing well to be rewarded.

O3 solution - AWP project scorecardsA project scorecard is a collection of scores and measurements for multiple activities compiled specifically for a project.

A project manager and other management team members have oversight over the AWP program across the entire project.

This visibility extends across different stakeholders, disciplines, and functional areas.

O3 Solution - AWP program scorecardsA program scorecard is a set of comparisons across the entire AWP program that measures the performance and adoption of AWP by project, functional area, contractor, and more.

In this example, the AWP Champion can see that while the overall program is performing well, certain areas are falling behind. This allows the champion to quickly identify where to focus time and attention.